Godot Engine binary size history

This page tracks official Godot Engine release binary sizes of every stable version to check for trends and regressions.

On the charts below, Download represents the size of the ZIP archive. This is the amount of data the user needs to download to extract the archive. In contrast, Extracted represents the size on disk after extracting the ZIP archive that contains the binary – this is the "installed size" so to speak.

For Windows and Linux, all sizes on this page are for x86_64 (64-bit) binaries.


The editor binaries include editor-only functionality and are compiled with debugging enabled. This makes them larger compared to export template binaries.

Keeping editor binary sizes as low as possible is important to ensure fast download speeds, even on slow Internet connections.

Release export templates

Export templates only contain a subset of Godot's editor features, making them significantly smaller than editor binaries.

This is the minimum size that exported projects will be when using official export templates. This can be decreased by compiling a custom export template with size optimizations. For the HTML5 platform, the size measured is using the default release export option (without support for GDNative/GDExtension, and without support for threads in 3.x).

This figure does not include project data such as textures and sounds. In a complex project (especially in 3D), the project data will often be much larger than the executable.

Note: Since individual export templates are not available as ZIP files, the download sizes indicated here are calculated by listing the compressed size of the individual export template binary within the TPZ file.

Export template TPZ archive (all platforms)

This is the amount of data that needs to be downloaded once (and stored on disk) to be able to export Godot projects from the editor.

In the future, this may be decreased by packaging each platform in a separate TPZ file. This way, users could download only export templates for the platforms they intend to export to.